Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Overview

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The Florida Recreation and Park Association has adopted a unique Strategic Plan to be implemented over the next 2-5 years. This plan encompasses the areas of health, environment, community building and economic impact. Different committees have been formed for each pillar and are working together to situate FRPA as a leader in these areas.

The mission of the Florida Recreation and Park Association clearly defines what the Strategic Plan hopes to accomplish:

To establish parks and recreation as a cornerstone of health, economic development, environmental sustainability and community throughout the state of Florida.

Through the actions of engaging, educating, advocating and sustaining, FRPA will equip local departments with the tools necessary to advance parks and recreation in these areas.

2021/22 Priorities
1. Increase membership awareness about how parks and recreation positively impacts mental health.

2. Identify funding opportunities available to government agencies for programs relating to mental health (for impacting the community: seniors, teens, kids, veterans, minority populations)

Economic Impact
1. Build public awareness of the benefits of working for parks and recreation (Employment in parks and rec = building community = economic sustainability of the community = benefits agency)

2. Build users on the Impact Calculator

1. Increase FRPA support of parks side of profession (keeping environmental sustainability and resiliency as core efforts)
2. Discussion on linking available resources and best practices with CAPRA standards dealing with environmental sustainability and resiliency:
7.8 – Environmental Sustainability Policy and Program
7.9 – Natural Resource Management Plans and Procedures

Community Building
1. Assist agencies in reaching the teen population in their community.

2. Build advocates for parks and recreation

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To get involved with a particular pillar or for more information, contact the people below:

Health: Pattie Roberts

Environment: Rick Durr

Community Building: Sarah Good

Economic Impact: Bryan Nipe


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