The Florida Recreation and Park Association has a new address! Please update your records and also pass along to your finance departments so that they can update their records as well.

Florida Recreation and Park Association

2528 Barrington Circle, Suite #1

Tallahassee, FL 32308

You are welcome to call 850-878-3221, as we have access to our phone lines between 8:15am-5:15pm.

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition


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If you have not been receiving emails from FRPA, please let us know. Our IP Address is changing and our email client will be doing this in phases. To make sure you never miss an email from FRPA, add our IP Addresses below to your whitelist (or just send them to your IT Department and make sure they add them).



FRPA is fully committed to supporting park and recreation professionals throughout the state of Florida. For many years we have maintained a running list of the CEUs you have obtained through education offered by FRPA on your individual accounts within our database. As FRPA transitions to a new software product (more about that will be forthcoming! But, get excited…), these CEU records will not be migrating with your membership data.


Beginning immediately FRPA will no longer keep a list of your CEUs in our database. Each individual will be responsible for keeping track of any CEUs you obtain through FRPA education sessions, at Conference, at in person events, and through Virtual Education. FRPA will provide individuals attending such classes with either a certificate of attendance or some other form that records your attendance at the sessions.


As you know, FRPA CEUs are generally used to maintain the CPRP and CPRE certifications through NRPA. When you renew your certification through NRPA, you are required to enter your own CEUs on your NRPA record. This will not change, however, you will need to keep track of what classes you attend with FRPA by holding onto any record of attendance submitted to you after the event, in the instance you are randomly selected by NRPA for a CEU audit. This practice is widely used by professional and trade associations.


Access and review your CEU records NOW (Current FRPA Members only)

1. Go to www.frpa.org. Navigate to your FRPA member profile by either clicking on the online store link at the top, right, or click the drop-down menu under Professional Development and select 'CEU Records'. 

2. Log into your FRPA account using your email address and password on file. 

3. Click on ‘My Professional Dev’ on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen once you have logged in. 

4. The next screen will show a list of your CEU records. You can sort these by date by clicking on the date column header. There may be more than one page of these, as only a certain amount fits on the first screen. 

5. Right click to print or to save as a PDF. You can also take screenshots of this page to save for your records. 


Here is a link to a video showing you this process.


Save your report 

After May 1, you will not have access to the current FRPA database, so you will need to pull a record of any CEUs you have on file with FRPA for verification, if you would like to maintain this record in your own personal files. We suggest that you pull and print your transcript for your personal files from the website by April 30. Follow the same instructions as above to pull your record. Even though you have until April 30 to download your report - you still need to check your report NOW to ensure you have all CEUs you think you should have on your account. We will not add any more CEUs to your account after February 21, 2023.


What about CEUS I earn from now until April 30?

You will receive a certificate of attendance after any virtual or in person sessions you attend. It will be up to you to obtain these for your future records.


Help get the word out

As you can see, this is going to be a very important step for professionals to take. Please help spread the word. This email will be sent out to all individuals associated with FRPA but, as we all know, sometimes emails get overlooked. Help your fellow professionals out and let them know that this is taking place. Forward this email to your co-workers, make announcements at your staff meeting, put in your internal department newsletter or emails... we need you to help us get this word out.


As always, if you have any questions or run into any issues, you can give us a call or better yet shoot us an email so that we can help you out. You are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to save your records so that you have them for the future. 




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