What We Do

What We Do



The Florida Recreation and Park Association Foundation invests in the parks and recreation industry and the individual professionals working within that industry. The Foundation supports professional educational opportunities which develop qualified professionals serving communities across the State of Florida. Leadership training programs are also sponsored by the Foundation and promote the advancement of upcoming professionals. The Foundation also invests in speakers for the FRPA Annual Conference, the largest gathering of parks and recreation professionals in the Southeast United States, assuring that they are the best prepared professionals to return to serve their community. These are just a few of the programs that the Foundation supports on an annual basis.  



Financial Update

Goal: $500,000

To date: $214,000



The FRPA Foundation occasionally conducts an auction to raise funds. The Auction is held online on the Foundation's Facebook page and at the Annual Conference of the Florida Recreation and Park Association. Generated funds allow the Foundation to advance its mission. Information about donating and bidding will be made available when there is an active auction. 


Preparing the Next Generation

Leadership training programs such as the Emerging Leaders Institute, and the Abrahams Academy for Leadership Excellence are sponsored by the Foundation and promote the advancement of upcoming professionals. These programs identify and prepare the next generation of supervisor and leaders in the parks and recreation industry.

Annual Reports 

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

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Annual Reports from previous years can be obtained by contacting the FRPA Executive Office. 

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