FRPA's Leadership Intensive Programs

FRPA's Leadership Intensive Programs are designed to build upon each other throughout the park and recreation professional's career. Below is a table to explain what topics are explored in each leadership opportunity under each general area of competency. This continuum allows for the professional to begin with the Emerging Leaders Institute and pair the sequential programs with their years of experience as they move up in an organization.

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General Area of Competency Emerging Leaders Institute
(profession, in general and the individual leader)
Leadership Development School
(building and leading your team)
Abrahams-Jones Academy
(purpose and passion for the profession, where you fit)
Welcome History  
Assessment Strengths Based Leadership - focus on the initial discussion of strengths and areas of improvement

Strengths Based Leadership -
revisit strengths relative to building teams, coaching and mentoring

Strengths Based Leadership - revisit strengths relative to building trust and relationships, how leadership contributes to culture.  Also add in ethics and integrity.
History of Field History of Profession Telling the Story using history and data to paint the picture (introduce calculator) Segue onto the advocacy side of what the profession is. Telling the Story to develop advocates, garner support of decision makers and community leaders, and how the pillars support the impact of the profession.
Visioning Basic introduction to visioning - developing your personal vision Aligning personal vision with organizational vision, and how to develop the vision in others. Examine how your vision changes from entry to executive level positions, and how agency vision factors into culture and organizational design.
Communication General - verbal, written, concise, communicating for the audience you want to reach, meaningful communication Personal Presentation/Communicating with stakeholders Media Relations and External 
Critical Thinking and Decision Making Decision making and intro to Strategic Thinking How your decision making affects outside your team. Strategic Planning/Thinking/Balance Scorecard/Alignment
Organizational Culture and Design Introduction to organizational culture Culture and Collaboration Revisit culture as an introduction to organizational design - these are future directors who will have the opportunity to design their agency
People Management Building A Team - selecting the right person, working with problem employees, difficult conversations, identifying strengths/weakness of your team Active recruitment, selection, hiring, coaching and developing your team, conflict resolution, delegation and feedback Progression planning - developing yourself and developing capacity in others (seeding your bench).
Change Management Change management (communication); prioritization Setting Priorities; Delegation With Impact; Change Management (identifying)  
Reporting Mechanisms and Evaluations  - Needs Assessment, Evaluation of Impact and Value Disciplined Execution - using all the plans to develop, evaluate, and refine
Budgeting Price strategy and cost analysis, direct vs indirect costs, reporting and how to operate within a budget. Revenue management, alternative resources analyzing operating data, developing a budget. Understanding big picture finance - funding sources, tracking mechanisms, budget support of vision, fee schedules and policies.
Planning Time management for yourself and others.  Tracking tools. Project Management Planning - CIP management, project management, forecasting
Advocacy / Relationships  Advocacy on the level of parents, leagues, friends groups, partners, etc. Small Scale - more unit level. Seeking Community Input - community engagement.  Higher level of relationship building relative to community partners, long lasting partnerships. Split out into History and External Relations - navigating the political environment, trust, effective relationships
Progression Planning Individual/personal goals and professional track.  Setting yourself and organization up for future success.   Discuss importance