The Florida Recreation and Park Association is committed to education and training to provide members, support groups, interested citizens with the ability and resources to be advocates for parks and recreation services. FRPA prides itself on its continuous evaluation of membership services. It is our promise to you that your needs will never go unheard. In a constant cycle of growth, we strive to continuously update services based on the needs of our members. We hope in doing this we can continue to be the key to your professional growth. To become a member of FRPA download the appropriate membership application below.


As a Member of FRPA, there are tangible items that you receive in exchange for your membership investment - we refer to those as Featured Member Services.  Perhaps even more valuable are the "benefits" you receive as a result of you belonging to FRPA.  As a member of FRPA, you benefit by

  • having access to professional development opportunities at a discount, including local workshops, statewide educational offerings, webinars, and the Annual Conference.
  • having access to forums where your fellow parks and recreation professionals are present, where you can build a professional network providing resources and information to make you the best professional you can be.  These opportunities to share ideas and experiences are invaluable and often result in career advancement of members.
  • having a team of professionals working in Tallahassee to represent your professional interests in the Florida Legislature.  The FRPA Executive Office teams with a contractual governmental representative to assure your interests are appropriately represented when it comes to state legislative issues.
  • having advance notice of opportunities for you to engage in the Association.  Individuals who chose to participate as a volunteer leader of FRPA gain valuable experience as a volunteer, and are provided experience in non-profit organizations.  Leadership roles are a serious responsibility and FRPA selects individuals with a passion and commitment to lead the Association.
  • CEU records issued for each approved education session - sent to your email address or handed to you onsite.
  • having access to a professional staff in the Tallahassee Executive Office, who are ready to assist you.  Whether you need information about regulations, resources, or referrals, the Executive Office team stands ready to assist.

Don't let another day pass without being a member of FRPA.  Organized in 1942 and regarded as one of the most effective professional associations in the State of Florida, FRPA stands ready to welcome you.  Our mission is simple - it is YOUR SUCCESS!  Join today.

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Upon joining FRPA, you are assigned a geographical region based on the address you provide in your membership application.  Volunteers in Regions assist inRegions of FL Map staffing educational workshops and more.  If you are interested in being a Region volunteer, contact the FRPA Executive Office.